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Midsized Manufacturing
Workforce Development

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Client Summary

The client a profitable midsized manufacturing company based in the southeast was struggling to attract and retain quality talent. The  company had a long track record of success and was a major employer in the area staffing upwards of 200 full time people in their community. 


The Company a had experienced staff shortages over the last couple years due to the coronavirus pandemic and realized the previous methods for hiring were no longer effective in obtaining the quality talent needed.


We worked with the CEO to assess the organization and it’s hiring processes, to create a strategic plan that would address recruitment issues, and while also retaining employees within the organization.


We worked with CEO & HR to restructure the recruitment and hiring process including adjusting the compensation and benefits packages being offered. As well as redesigning the onboarding, training, and management processes to increase new and existing employee retention. 



● Talent Acquisition 
● Employee Retention
● Compensation & Benefits
● Internal Hiring Practices


● Recruitment & Hiring Process
● Compensation & Benefits
● Onboarding Process


● Increased Quality Applicants 
● Increased Employee Retention
● Increased Employee Engagement
● Increased Productivity

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