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Wearable Medical
Device Adhesives

Startup | Life Sciences | Medical Devices | CGM | Adhesives

Client Summary

The company a successful venture backed startup was looking to break barriers to entry in wearable medical device adhesives in the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) space. 


The Company wanted to scale their business by increasing market share, product lines, and distributors but being early stage was limited on resources, understanding of limitations, and the know how to expand further.


We worked with the CEO to identify and create a strategic plan that would address and fill the companies gaps while enabling them to reach their desire goal for growth and expansion.


The strategic plan required us to double down of current efforts while simultaneously executing on numerous short sprints and planned pivots to expand sales and marketing efforts.

Once the new strategy, models, and processes were in place we shifted to building the company’s internal resources, staff, and supporting the companies growth. Ultimately leading to the company significantly increasing market share, margins, and profits over 300%.



● Market Expansion
● Supply Chain
● Product Expansion


● Partnership Development
● Sup
● Scale Management
● Execution Management


● Increased Operational Capacity
● Increased Market Share
● Increase Profits


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