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Series D to IPO
In Food Delivery

Tech & Software | Process Improvement | Series D | IPO

Client Summary

The company, a leading Food Delivery platform, was approaching their series D and IPO. We were brought on to help navigate the path.


The company had a strong track record but they needed to find ways to improve and position themselves for strong growth and increased efficiency across the business. Our firm was up to the challenge.


We worked with the CEO to identify and create a strategic plan that would address and fill the companies gaps while enabling them to reach their desire goal for growth and expansion.


Upon our assessment we identified several areas of improvement in their operational processes and supporting technology leading to high utilization of human capital leading to a high burn rate.

We worked with leadership to implement a new working model that would focus on increasing operational efficiency by utilizing supportive technology to automate processes and simply workflow.



● Change Management
● Operational Inefficiencies 
● High Burn Rate
● Low Profitability 


● Redesigned Workflow
● Process Improvement
● Digital Transformation


● Increased Productivity
● Reduced Burn Rate
● Increase Profitability
● Strong Market Position 


About Us

Elite Ventures Group is a retained venture studio serving investors and founders of privately held companies in the lower middle market.