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Midsized Manufacturing
Change of Ownership

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Client Summary

The client a midsized manufacturing company based in the Midwest was about to go through a change of ownership from P.E owned to privately-held.


The Company rough couple years under P.E. ownership and the CEO a long time leader and employee of the company wanted to buy the business but lacked the resources, knowledge, and funding to navigate the transition.


We worked with the CEO to assess the organization and create a strategic plan that would address the companies issues toward successfully funding the acquisition, navigating the change of ownership, and also retaining the employees within the organization.


We worked with CEO & Private Equity firm to negotiate a sale agreement and funding package in order to successfully purchase the company. Upon the completion if the transaction we work with the owner to manage the transition of ownership while setting the company on a path for success.



● Complex M&A 
● Employee Retention
● Purchase Funding
● Ownership Transition


● Sale Agreement Negotiation
● Secure Purchase Funding
● Facilitate Ownership Transition


● Great Purchase Terms 
● Purchaser Funds Secured
● Successful Transfer Of Ownership
● Employee & Client Retention

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