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Improving Private Equity Portfolio Management

Private Equity | Portfolio Management | Investment Strategy

Client Summary

The company, a private equity investment firm based in the Northeast was looking to increase their portfolio returns in and brought us on to help.


The investment firm had a strong track record but noticed a significate shift in there portfolio growth over the last couple of years and wanted to know the root cause behind it and how to mitigate their risk of loss moving forward.


We worked with the partners to assess their portfolio and create a strategic plan that would address the firms goals toward portfolio growth in the market.


We identified common issue the portfolio companies were facing regarding market and supply chain constraints that were a direct reflection in the lack of growth in the portfolio companies.

We identified a nearby local processing and packing plant that was able to be purchased and retrofitted by the investment firm to solve a key manufacturing and supply chain issue while also adding a diversified company to their portfolio.



● Portfolio Growth
● Portfolio Strategy
● Portfolio Returns


● Firm Audit
● Market Research
● Succession Planning 


● Increased Portfolio Growth
● Resolved Market Constraint
● Increased Margins & Profits

About Us

Elite Ventures Group is a retained venture studio serving investors and founders of privately held companies in the lower middle market.