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The Largest Network
Of Investment Partners

Capital Investments & Acquisitions

Get Funded

We have multiple non-traditional and traditional funding options available. If you’re looking to raise capital, sell your business, or acquire financing we can help.

Venture Fund

We have a multi-level venture fund that includes over 100 private offices in our network to get deals funded.

Search Fund

We manage a small search fund focused on lower market acquisitions ranging between $1M - $100M.

Alternative Fund

We have a network of hard money lenders, institutional financing, and private lenders to get capital fast.

ThE Multi Fund
A Better Faster and Modern Approach
To Get Funding.

Companies have unique capital needs and combined with various investor criteria leads to a complex capital process.

We knew we could we could offer funding faster, better options, and higher close rates; so we created the multi fund.

Contact: The first step is to contact us to apply for funding.

Apply: Once you apply and have been accepted the process starts.

Funding: We work with our investor network to close funds fast. 

Less Restrictions: Because of our initial application process and due diligence your chances of getting funded are greatly increased simply upon your application acceptance.

More Investors: We have over 100+ investors in our  network including V.C. firms, P.E. firms, Angel Groups, Family Offices, Private Lenders, and more across the united states. 

Faster Funding: We save you the time of having to shop your deal, identify investors, and qualify interest to get your deal funded. Once accepted we work diligently with you to get funding fast.

Fund Benefits

Largest Network

We have the largest network of over 100+ investment groups and private funds.

Respected Firm

We are well respected in the investment community which only adds to our success.

Select Investments

We have high standards for our investments so deals move forward quickly.

More Options

We access have internal and partner capital to fund both debt and equity based deals.

Faster Funding

We actively work with our investment network to source funding and close deals.

Higher Close Rate

We have a higher close rate due to our network, diligence, and investment approach.

About Us

Elite Ventures Group is a retained venture studio and fund serving investors and founders of privately held companies in the lower middle market.